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Introduction to R for students of humanities and social sciences

Starting in the summer term of 2022, we offer a tutorial on the programming language R. The tutorial is aimed at students of humanities and social sciences. Content and tutorial videos accompanying the tutorial are available online: https://mircoschoenfeld.de/tutorial-introduction-to-r.html

In the course we teach the basics of R: What are variables and how are they used? What data structures are there and what can we model with them? How do programming concepts like loops and functions work in R and what are they necessary for?

The course prepares students to be able to perform data analysis independently. Therefore, reading and writing external data files is also an important topic, how data must be prepared for visualization, and how it can finally be visualized.

Special attention is paid to dealing with error messages. They contain important information about the parts of the program code that need to be revised. Therefore, we will provoke diverse error messages and learn to tackle the causes of them. In the course, students will learn how to independently search for help and apply it to their own problems.

Finally, the course includes some special tasks for humanities and social science students, such as social network analysis and text analysis.

By the way, we gladly offer a platform where you can get help for R-related problems or get in touch with other R-users of the UBT: simply log-in to the professorship's matrix-server using your campus ID and join the room "How R you today?".

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