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Seminar Introduction to Computer-based Text Analysis

The seminar is part of the suppementary programme Data Literacy!

In the seminar, students are asked to work on self-selected research questions using computational methods of text analysis, i.e. corpus analysis and natural language processing (NLP). The methods are new to the students in that they never worked with them before. That's why the seminar consists of some introductory part in which the methods are presented and their applicability using R is discussed. Students then formulate an appropriate research question, find or create a data set, and apply the newly acquired methods to the data set.

In the vast majority of cases, students have had no prior exposure to programming. This means that in the seminar they not only learn to apply the methods for text analysis in R, but often teach themselves basic skills in R as well.

Content and tutorial videos accompanying the seminar in the summer term 2023 are available online: https://mircoschoenfeld.de/seminar-introduction-to-computer-based-text-analysis-summer-2023.html

An overview over selected works from previous semesters can be found here: https://mircoschoenfeld.de/seminar-introduction-to-computer-based-text-analysis.html


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